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noun: εs'θe:sis// The senses by which we perceive the world around us. The feelings that allow us to be conscious and aware of nature and our environment.

Welcome Aesthesis.
A spring summer collection designed to delight the senses through color harmony, nature and tactility, to enhance wellbeing, comfort and sensuality.
Nature meets craft through soft-touch natural yarns, organic fabrics, lacy structures and prints that appear hand dyed. The look is romantic and feminine, yet contemporary and sophisticated.
Soft, body-hugging layers, wrap details and natural asymmetry, soothe the mind and encourage a feeling of wellness. Clean, minimalistic designs are comforting and uncomplicated, while body positive, deconstructed silhouettes amplify the feel-good factor.
Reminiscent of nostalgic sun-bleached beach scenes and 1980s surf culture, retro styles feature dream like prints. Sun-washed pastels like Chrysomillo, a golden apricot, Levanda, a soft lavender, Grecian Green, a muted eucalyptus, Lotos, a faded orange and Crocus, a bright warm yellow, capture the essence of summer in a way that works for both men’s and women’s designs.

Raw neutrals become increasingly sophisticated through simplicity. Ecru, a warm off-white,
is ideal for summer basics, balancing the collection.

Green-blue tones form a connection to the Mediterranean landscape and the sea, with
Smaragdi, a lush emerald green, Kallaitis, a turquoise blue and Akti, a mid-tone blue inspired
by the Greek coastline.

For a metallic touch, Halkos is a stunning copper shade, perfect on bronzed skin
with a sun kissed glow.

Color mixing, playfulness and experimentation is part of the collection’s concept.
It’s all about Aesthesis, it’s all about maximizing the summer experience through the senses.